Case Study - Design Thinking and Innovation at Apple

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Design, Thinking and Innovation at Apple Submitted by Jun Avila and Alwyn John Lim, CIS404M I. Introduction Apple has been known as one of the most successful and admired companies in the world. However, in every success story there is always a person or a group of people behind it. In Apple’s case, these people are Steve Jobs and its employees. Though, most of it can be attributed to Steve Jobs’ leadership and influences. Apple’s way of innovation can somewhat be quoted as “innovation at its finest”. A good example for this is that Apple did not invent the touch screen. However, it made more money than anyone else in a massive amount by concentrating on how people use it and by being better than anyone else at conveying that experience. Moreover, they develop products that revolutionize the computer and music industries. The iTunes revolutionizes the music industry while the iPod, iPhone, iPad, AppStore, and iMac provide cool and elegant personalize device and services to the market. II. Statement of the Problem With Steve Jobs, which has been the CEO of the company twice in an unusual situation, we can safely say that Apple’s core values and vision is somewhat an extension of Steve Jobs himself. However, in the current situation of Apple, which is now famously called the Post Steve Jobs Era, there is this big challenge and question of sustainability on its current status and reputation as an organization. Can Apple continue to innovate as good as before or even better? Can Apple able to keep up with the customer’s expectation? Can Apple still dominate the market with the current aggressive competition? III. Position Statement In this paper, our position would be affirmative that Apple can sustain and continue its success in the Post Steve Jobs era. IV. Analysis Can Apple sustain its innovation capability now that their founder, lead innovator and

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