Case Study: Critical Information System

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Critical Information System BSA/310 July 16, 2012 Critical Information System Kudler Fine Foods is an upscale specialty food store, which is located in San Diego, La Jolla, Del Mar, and Encinitas. Because Kudler Fine Foods consists of employees as numerous locations and various departments, it is important for the company to stay up to date on all financial laws. Kudler Fine Foods also contains a large inventory throughout their companies and must be able to keep an accurate account of all inventories in the stores. Critical Information System Kudler Fine Foods currently uses a transaction processing system as their business information system. This business system can control the financial aspects of the company,…show more content…
Using the transaction processing system makes product transactions easier to monitor and track which makes it easier to place orders and monitor how inventory sales are going. They system is able to keep accurate accountability for each product as it is sold, create invoices for orders, and reordering product. Having this system in place is critical because without it there can be data errors from numerous areas. There could be accounting issues such as invoices being paid multiple times, invoices not paid at all, transactions not accounted for, or financial statements not calculated correctly due to missed information. The importance of monitoring all the transactions coming and going from each location plays a key role in maintaining not only accuracy in inventory but also accuracy with the general ledger. Although, it would benefit the Kudler Fine Foods if there were written policies on security of the financial and accounting systems. This will minimize any possibility of threats on the systems and will make it easier to notice discrepancies on reports. Through the proper use of the critical information system at Kudler Fine Foods they will be able to properly know where they are spending money, how well their inventory is being maintained, keeping records of their vendors, and making sure vendors are being paid or paying in a timely

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