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Carl Robbins is the recruiter for ABC, Incorporated. His job is to fill the needed positions within the company and ensure that all new employees attend company orientation and training, conducted by him, to prepare them for their job with ABC, Inc. Carl Robbins is also a new employee, who has been with ABC, Incorporated for only six months. He is currently running into some problems with his first recruitment of fifteen new employees who will be working for Monica Carrolls, the Operations Supervisor. The new employees must be trained by Carl and working by the first of July, so the orientation must begin no later than June 15. Background This case study will cover the problems that Carl Robbins is having with his first recruitment and will explore some of the actions that led to the current situation. The writer will also suggest some possible solutions to the problems and identify some procedures that should be implemented to avoid similar issues in the future. Because of Carl’s inexperience and procrastination, the task of completing the orientation and training within the expected timeframe will be difficult. Clearly, the main issues that need to be addressed for the long term are the inadequate training that Carl received and the nonchalant way that he went about his job. ABC, Incorporated needs to address these problems and implement strict guidelines and procedures for the Human Resources Department to avoid having the same thing happening in the future. Key Problems One of the main problems is that this is Carl Robbins first time recruiting for ABC, Incorporated. He needs to enlist the help of his fellow employees to resolve the following issues:  Employee records and drug screens.  Orientation manuals.  Meeting space.  Amount of time to complete orientation and training. Employee records and drug screens Before anything else can be dealt

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