Case Study Analysis Shy Doc Gave Good Face

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Case Study Analysis: Shy Doc Gave Good Face According to Wells (2011), Brian Lee was a forty-two-year-old plastic surgeon who was highly regarded for his skill by his patients and fellow physicians. Lee was a partner and the top revenue producer at a large multi-specialty clinic owned by the physicians. Lee’s annual earnings ranged from $300,000 up to $800,000 per year. Each physician operated their own practice and performed elective surgeries that were not routinely covered by medical insurance. The patients were required to pay for the elective procedures up front and the payments were to be made to the cashier. Despite Lee’s generous earnings and prominence at his practice, he devised a sales skimming scheme in which he embezzled $200,000 from the practice over a four-year period. Lee collected payments from his patients without reporting the receipts or the surgeries to his partners. The skimming scheme was accidentally discovered when Rita Mae Givens, one of Lee’s patients realized her insurance policy might cover her procedure and contacted the office to request a billing statement. The clinic staff quickly ascertained there was no documentation of services rendered or payments reflected on Ms. Givens’ accounts. This prompted an internal investigation. To corroborate her claim, Ms. Givens produced a copy of a canceled check which revealed Lee had endorsed the payment and deposited it into his personal bank account. The clinic administrator verified Lee performed the surgery. When the administrator confronted Lee, he owned up to his actions. The administrator notified the board of directors who in turn hired Leclaire, a certified fraud examiner. At the conclusion of the investigation, Lee was not terminated or charged with embezzlement. His partners agreed amongst themselves to allow him to continue seeing patients at the practice. Although they were the

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