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Case Study Analysis COMM/215 Essentials of College Writing July 7, 2014 Case Study Analysis The recruitment and hiring of new employees take experience, effective communication, and time management skills. Carl, who is new to his recruitment position, hit some roadblocks when he hired his first batch of recruits. This case study analysis will identify the key problems Carl encountered, alternatives to his current situation, and look at possible solutions so he may avoid these problems in the future. BACKGROUND Carl successfully hired fifteen employees for the Operations Supervisor in April. His goal was to have all the new employee files completed, have them oriented in June, and have them working by July. Carl was responsible for making sure the employee files were complete, scheduling the orientation and providing all written material for the new hires. When contacted by Monica, the Operations Supervisor, he assured her that everything would be arranged for the June 15th orientation. Just prior to June 1st, when Carl was going over his new trainee files, he discovered many problems that would affect his plan for his new hires to complete their orientation on June 15th. KEY PROBLEMS Carl’s lack of experience and time management is a key issue; it left him vulnerable to problems. Carl also failed to communicate effectively with his team members and his new employees. Carl encountered three key problems. The first problem found was that the files for the new employees were incomplete. There were incomplete applications, and missing transcripts. The other missing element from the employee files was that none of the recruits was scheduled for their mandatory drug screens. The second problem is with the orientation manuals. Carl needs 15 orientation manuals. He could only find three copies, and those had pages missing. The last issue

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