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Case Study Analysis Paper Executive Summary Introduction Mr. Robins, a new recruiter of ABC, Inc. hired several new trainees with the intentions that they will start working at the organization within a month. With the start date quickly approaching, Mr. Robins discovers that the new hires are not prepared to begin employment. Most of them do not have all required documentation and none of them completed the mandatory drug test. Mr. Robins needs to contact all new hires immediately, in order to complete all prerequisites needed to finalize their application process, on time for their start date at ABC Inc. Additionally, Mr. Robins should seek extra training on the new hire application and training process. Background Mr. Carl Robins is a new recruiter to ABC Inc. and has been employed with the company for about six months and just experienced his first recruiting attempt. Mr. Robins hired 15 applicants with the intentions that they would start training on June 15 and start working some time in July. Right after the Memorial Day weekend, Mr. Robins discovers that the new hires are not ready to start on June 15 after looking through their files. Some applicants did not have applications completely filled out and some had their transcripts and all but three orientation manuals missing. He also noticed that all applicants did not take the mandatory drug test. Additionally, he finds that the orientation room is booked throughout June. Key Problems Key problems are that the new employees are unprepared for the June 15 start date and which is a couple of weeks away. The recruiter has a job to ensure that the new hires meet all company requirements to enable them to start on the desired day. The recruiter is the cause of the two main problems as he is responsible. The fact that Mr. Robins is a new recruiter could rationale the fact that the new employees are not

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