Case Study Analysis

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Case Study Analysis Carlos E Ramirez COMM / 215 June 21, 2011 Gabriela Maruri Case Study Analysis Newly appointed campus recruiter for ABC, Inc., Carl Robbins recruited new hires for the corporation in an unorganized and inefficient manner. To the extent of not following corporation guidelines and completing the mandatory paperwork needed to hire employees. To further illustrate the inappropriate procedures that took place in hiring employees and meeting the demands of the corporation, the current complications must be addressed as well as the strategies that can be used to avoid further difficulties: thus providing a smoother transition in the hiring process. Background The reason for the current complications are due to campus recruiter lack of planning, insufficient skills, mediocre training, and not possessing suitable knowledge of the hiring process for new employees. The current complications are due in turn with the improper hiring of the new employees and upcoming possible problems. The new employees should have not been employed until all corporation guidelines have been met, such as filling all paperwork, tests and screenings; as a result employees will meet qualifications for the current positions they applied and were hired to work in. Most of the new hires paperwork is inconsistent with corporation guidelines as most of their applications are incomplete and need to be fully acknowledged in writing to be lawfully hired. The campus recruiter lack of planning has caused a conflict in regards to the unavailability of the training room where new hires receive orientation – furthermore, requiring another room or facility in where the orientation can take place. In contrast, the orientation manuals are limited and incomplete. Other complications concern drug testing as well as physicals, which are often a lengthy process when it comes to obtaining

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