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Introduction The ABC, Inc. requires 15 new employees but recruiter responsible for their hiring procrastinated until almost too late. To succeed in his hiring effort, he has to create a detailed project plan and accomplish every step in a very short time. Background Carl Robins, a new recruiter for ABC, Inc, is in danger of failing his first recruitment assignment. The company relied on him to recruit 15 new trainees to start working for the operations manager in July. Carl had three months to recruit the trainees. However, because of his inexperience, Carl procrastinated until only three weeks before the intended start date to finalize the hiring of new employees. Then he realized that some application forms were incomplete, some applicants did not submit required documents, i.e. college transcripts, and none of the applicants had the mandatory drug screening tests. In addition, Carl discovered that he failed to reserve a training room for the orientation, and he did not have the manuals and company policy materials to distribute to the new employees. With only three weeks to go Carl must obtain the missing applications, transcripts, and arrange for the new hires to take the drug tests. Because the training room has already been reserved by the information technology (IT) department for another training session, Carl must find an alternative venue for the new hire orientation session. Failure to complete all these tasks in time puts in jeopardy the Operations Department's deadlines, and will be reflected on Carl's performance review, negatively affecting his career with the company. Key Problems The problem Carl is facing is a result of his failure to break down the process into milestones and assign deadlines for each milestone. Had he done that in April, Carl would have had ample time to ensure that all application forms were completed, all

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