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1. Introduction: In recent decades, the rapid development of tourism industry causes an increasing demand for transportation companies. As a result, there is fierce competition between them. It is an important thing for a company to ascertain a sustainable way to further development and growth. Indeed, “In today’s globally competitive world, customers expect more, have more choices, and are less brand loyal”(Market-Based Management, 2009, 35 ) . They are all challenges to the transportation companies. All the evidence in Supershuttle case suggests that Supershuttle is not a successful company, which may prevent it from growing in the future and even yield a worse outcome. This paper attempts to analysis the problems that Supershuttle has, evaluate them and give some advices to Supershuttle so that they can improve their service quality and obtain more profits. Firstly, it explores the problems associated with managing people and relationships and the measures that Supershuttle can take to retrieve their service. Secondly, it states something about managing information for decision making which will contribute to managers’ decision. Thirdly, it is a comparison about operating policies that Supershuttle can utilize in their operations. Finally, it is a suggestion for Supershuttle on how to manage their resources in the medium to long term and the possible difficulties they may meet with. 2. Managing People and Relationships Managing people and relationships is crucial to any business success. If there is no effective management of people and relationships, it will result in failure. In Supershuttle case, both the external relationship which refers to the relationship between Supershuttle and Southerns and internal relationship which means the relationship between different parts in this organization are unsuccessful. 2.1 Evaluate the relationship between

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