Case Study a Beautiful Mind

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Case Study Questions to be answered: What behaviors did you notice that could be classified as abnormal? social awkwardness, cannot handle losing, obsessive, self destructive(hits head on window, tries to dig a non existent chip out of arm) hands trembling, irrational behaviors, delusions, talking to people who do not exist. Why do you consider the behaviors abnormal? his level of obsessions are very intense and his social behaviors are out of the ordinary, he makes rash decisions and always has a mathematical response or reasoning. Plus he's overly anxious and antisocial Discuss how often the client demonstrated the behavior? became flustered after losing game.. convinced it was flawed because he made all the right moves to win yet still lost. he is highly intelligent yet very disillusioned. Believes in people that do not even exist. How intense were the behaviors when demonstrated by the client? behaviors were very intense when demonstrated. very vivid hallucinations of three individuals who are clearly apart of his disorder. believes the soviets are an enemy and trying to harm him when they are just apart of the psychiatric ward. believes there is some type of chip in his arm and tries to dig out the chip in his arm but it really doesn't exist. Once home he believes his hallucinations again and begins to obsess heavily filling an entire warehouse with newspaper clippings then accidentally hurts his wife and child while thinking he is protecting them from someone who does not exist. How long did the client demonstrate the behavior? from what was shown the client demonstrated the behavior during college and five years later once teaching and testing at a university when he decides to take a job or decoding messages in forms of written newspapers from someone who does not exist but he believes to work for the government. He also runs into his imaginary

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