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Case Study This case study took place at Williamsport High School, in a Child Development class. We observed the children on a rotated schedule, where we planned for two days, taught for two days, and observed for two days. I observed Isabel Terza for 10 days out of the 31 days she was in class. I. Physical Development Isabel is three feet, two and a one half inches tall and thirty-three pounds. The average height and weight for a three year old girl is two feet, nine inches and thirty-one pounds, so Isabel is on track and growing well. Isabel has very good posture, always sitting with her back straight. Every day, she was dressed nicely with her hair done in different ways. Her clothes were never wrinkled and they always fit correctly. Isabel's gross motor skills were good for her age, as she could walk and run without tripping. She was also good at jumping and balancing. We had an activity where the children had to walk across a pretend balance beam and Isabel did it by herself without falling off, but when we had an activity where Isabel had to throw things, she could not control the direction she threw her beanbag in. Isabel's fine motor skills could use some work, as she could not hold a pencil or cut correctly. Isabel only missed four days of school because she was sick. She always looked healthy and awake in school, never even having so much as a stuffy nose. Isabel has great eating habits, even though she said one of her favorite foods was hot dogs. Isabel always has very healthy snacks, such as cheese, crackers, fruit and wheat bread. She never had any package or premade food, which insist that at home she has a very healthy diet. When asked what kind of food she liked, Isabel always said "good food" or "healthy kind my mommy makes." Isabel was always excited to be in school and never looked tired, insinuating that she had a good sleep schedule. Isabel

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