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PROJECT MANAGEMENT CASE ON TEAM CONFLICT Submitted by T.P ARUN K.RAMYA UMA MAHESHWARI S RAFIKA BANU MAJOR OBJECTIVE: The case deals with communication and team conflict issues that need to be resolved.. Major assumptions in this case study: 1. Henri is short tempered even before his son’s issue. 2. Everyone in the office has witnessed and experienced bitter situations with Henri. 3. Raouf and Fathima are also offended of Henri’s actions. Minor assumptions in this case study: 1. Jack is unbiased. 2. Contract meeting could not be postponed. 1. What are some things Colin could have done in or after the meeting when Henri verbally attacked him? Colin should have confronted Henri's accusations in front of the project team to clear things out in front of everyone or else he should have discussed the issue with Henri immediately after the meeting to smooth over their personal differences so they can concentrate on the project 2. Is there anything more Raouf could have done during or after his meeting with Colin to prevent the situation from escalating? Raouf and Colin are friends and Raouf should have helped Colin to Calm down in order to work effectively to finish the project. The statements such as “You are right, he’s a jerk…we all have his number….I doubt it…Jack seems to always cut him a break like he feels sorry for him “portrays how Raouf instigated Colin rather than helping Colin get over the issue. Besides this he should have arranged a meeting between Colin and Henri which would have avoided the issue from escalating. 3. Could Jack have handled his meeting with Colin in a better way? Was there anything Jack could have done after his meeting with Colin and before he met with Henri? What are some things Jack could have done in his meeting with Henri? The

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