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Yvette Garrett Life Span March 22, 2010 Case Study by Yvette Garrett Introduction: The subject of my case is James he’s a black male that was removed from his Mother’s home due to the lack of her not being able to care for him properly, he was basically taking care of both of them ,cooking, and cleaning. James now lives in a group home and works at the local workshop for persons with disability. James is thirty nine and lives with five other males in this home and shares the responsibility of the chores and any other obligation he has in the home. I have been working with this individual for approximately three years. I have had the opportunity to observe the individual on Saturday and Sunday for twelve hours. When I come in on the weekends he meets me at the door and gives me a hug and ask what we are going to today. Each weekend each individual has a chore that he has to complete before we are able to go out. They know that we cannot go anywhere until that chore is complete. James also has a girlfriend, participates in activities, such as church, bowling and working at UPS. Although James is thirty-nine he has the mental ability of a child, he can put on his clothes, follow directions, cooks and can do for himself, but he’s not able to use the phone, write or read, although he has training to attempt to improve these skills. Physical Development: James is five feet seven and weighs 167 lbs. James looks like a normal person, he has slight problem with his left eye being lazy, but to look at him you wouldn’t thinks anything is wrong with him until you talk to him. James is able to sit, stand, bath, shave and brush his teeth; he is able to do all his grooming and personal needs and follow commands. James is able to cook and do his chores with minimal assistance. Overall James is in good health he’s on a regular diet and only takes one medicine and has

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