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Buddy Ortiz Case study Xt 320 There is no such thing as a wrong reaction to being told you have cancer. Anger, sadness, frustration, fear and courage are just a few of the emotions a man may experience when he is first told he has prostate cancer. These emotions can be complicated by the fact that the announcement might come after days of anxiety and worry over pending results. The first days after receiving a diagnosis can be the most trying . Not only are you coping with the bad news , but you also received a landslide of information and a list of treatment options. Mr. Jones was such a person. He decided to visit us at the Arizona Cancer Center. On a Monday in April Mr.”Jones” was here at the Cancer clinic in Tucson. He had an appointment to see the nurse and doctors for his tumor. Everyone greets him and he is shown to the doctors exam room. Mr. Jones has decided to treat his prostate cancer with radiation therapy. The consult is done and the consent is signed and now it is time for his simulation. Simulation is explained to him as the process in which he will be lying on a table face up, just as you would during the actual procedure. To further ensure that the radiation is targeted accurately the Therapist will mark the skin around the treatment site with a felt tip pen , and he will be filmed by performing a CT or Cat Scan. inorder to isolate his tumor. These are not ordinary CT films as you would have at a regular hospital, but are used in isolating the tumor from other structures of the body. We begin by taking a scout CT for location. When that is done we then (depending on the Physician) will insert barium in the rectum and contrast in the bladder by way of the urethra. this is done to visualize the prostate between the rectum and the bladder. Another CT is done to isolate it in film. Marks made on Mr. Jones can be wiped away so he is told he can

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