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Case Study Strategies Stacy H. McConville Psychology 255 Liberty University Abstract Research can be performed using numerous methods. The research method that will be focused and discussed in this paper is case studies. Information regarding what a case study is, the reason to use the research method of case studies, the advantages and disadvantages of using case studies, and resources utilized to obtain information the researcher can benefit from. Case Study Defined A case study per Merriam-Webster Dictionary is defined as a published report about a person, group, or situation that has been studied over time also a situation in real life that can be looked at or studied to learn about something. (Merriam-Webster 2003) Case studies are utilized in numerous areas to increase knowledge some different areas that utilize case studies are: research, education, business, law, medical and health fields, and social sciences. Case Studies can be addressed in different ways from a simple what you would do scenario to a complex detailed subject focused study. Case Study Approaches and Reasons to Utilize Case Studies Case studies are wonderful tools of analysis because of their real world setting and ability to answer how and why questions. Case Studies are user and task oriented. Case studies help use obtain important information about rare and/or unusual conditions, subjects, or situations. The knowledge acquired can be utilized to form a hypothesis; which may lead to answers or treatments once other research methods have tested the hypothesis. (Cozby, 1977, p.122) Case Study Advantages and Disadvantages Case studies are helpful in numerous ways, in education case studies are utilized to help the students learn more effectively. The reason for

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