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The following reflective journal focuses on issue discussed in the case study named DGL International, a refine equipment manufacturer. To sort out the issue of productivity in the technical service section John Terill was hired as the manager. When he discussed the concern with his colleagues he came to realise actual problem; engineers were working as report writer and these reports was not being viewed by any one. He asked his employees to submit the reports to him rather than submitting it to the section it needed to be. For one month no one inquired for the same and it became a 3 feet stack. On reply to a call asking for a report Terill asked for a meeting in the President’s office. Next day engineers cheered as he walked to Presidents office with a cart having the reports. Executives got distracted; Terill explained the issue of productivity was because of making engineers to work as report writer. Problem related to the case study: Mainly associated with the way he deals with issue, so it is essential to check the leadership style of John Terill. Considering Fiedler contingency model; which is used to predict effectiveness of a leader and to assign task based on the situation. Persons who give negative assessment to the subordinates are task oriented and those who give more positive assessment are relation oriented leader. They find satisfaction by support and respect from the subordinates (Miller et al, 2004, p362-363). Here in this case also John Terill was able to get the support from the subordinates. This means that John Terill is more about people oriented rather than task oriented. The way he addressed the issue to the officials was different and it can be compared with the charismatic leadership style. Charismatic leadership model by Conger-Kanungo explains that managers who are charismatic follows an unconventional way to achieve his goal and they

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