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BIO103 Week 10 Case Study 1. Tom, 19, is really worried: Last Tuesday he drank a lot of coffee late in the evening and so could not sleep. He finally went to a midnight XXX-rated movie. During the movie he got an erection, but then because of the coffee he needed to urinate. When he tried to void, he found that he could not. After the show, he was able to urinate. He thinks there may be something seriously wrong with his urinary system. What most likely happened to poor Tom? What poor Tom is experiencing is very normal. When a man is very aroused the internal urinary sphincter will close off, so semen cannot go into the bladder, and urine cannot get to the urethra, which is why he was unable to urinate during the XXX movie. Source:Saladin pg 1058 | 2. May, pregnant for the first time, has been in the delivery room for several hours. Tests indicate the fetus has its head down. She is ten days overdue, so the obstetrician schedules an induced delivery and injects her with oxytocin. Neither contractions nor pain have resulted. The physician then attempts a “drip” of OT and a prostaglandin suppository with no success. The doctor even tries using different lot numbers and manufacturing dates of the hormones. Clearly, OT is making no difference! Keep in mind that it is dangerous to allow the fetus to stay in the uterus much longer. Based on the information in this chapter, provide a reason for the failure of the uterus to contract and a possible solution. May- may not have oxytocin sensitive receptors inside her uterus. Without the receptors, her labor will not progress because the uterus will not contract, even if the posterior pituitary releases oxytocin. Chances are that if this is the case, her baby will have to be delivered via caesarian section.Saladin p. 1091

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