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Assessment: Case Study Write a 3000 word assignment which demonstrates your ability to understand the process the service user in the attached case study might experience once involved with mental health services. The assignment should be based on the case study below and incorporate elements of your learning from this unit. Objectives: Students should demonstrate: • their knowledge and understanding of the statutory and legislative framework relating to mental health services and how it might apply to the service user in the case study; • their understanding of how mental health legislation interacts with other legislation that might have an impact on this service user; • their understanding of relevant social work interventions; • their understanding of mental health policies that direct the extent and quality of the care provided to the service user; • their understanding of the Recovery Approach and its’ role in mental health services; • their ability to understand the current evidence base underpinning practice in the mental health field and to critically evaluate theory and policy related to this; • their ability to consider issues of potential disadvantage and discrimination experienced by service users and how to apply empowerment theory within a statutory setting; • their ability to apply social work values and PCF domains; • their ability to reflect on the role of the mental health social worker and the use of self within this. Guidelines for the assignment: 1. Include a brief introduction to the approach you are planning in order to meet the aims and objectives of the assignment. Describe additional detail you may have included about the service user in the case study but avoid being over-descriptive or repeating large passages from the case study. 2. Discuss the processes, including

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