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NEEDS ASSESSMENT INTRODUCTION The purpose of this assignment is to investigate what needs are being met and what needs are not being met both emotional and physical for Paula and her unborn baby in the case study 1. I will also be describing in detail how the appropriate strategies such as individual, family, community and government could be used to benefit Paula and her unborn child. Also discussed will be interpersonal skills such as attitude, empathy, patience and tolerance, being non judgemental and attentiveness and how each skill maybe of benefit to Paula and I will be looking at and recommending a suitable course of action to meet Paula’s needs. Q1) PHYSICAL NEEDS BEING MET Reassurance is extremely important to anyone, but especially to a pregnant woman and it is essential to have physical needs met and stay healthy for the mother and the unborn child at this time. In Paula’s case there are two physical needs been met the first physical need being met is: She does have an adequate diet that provides nutritious meals provided to her by her mother. It is very important that Paula has a healthy diet and proper nutrients for her and her unborn baby because what the mother eats during pregnancy could affect the unborn baby’s health and the food you eat is the baby’s main source of nutrition ( A nutrient source that could help the unborn baby to develop normally is folic acid; this helps the unborn baby gain protection from many different birth defects. (www.pregnancy.more4kids). It is also beneficial to the growth and development of both cells and tissues in the Childs body. (www.pregnancy.more4kids). Other essential nutrients that should be taken during pregnancy are calcium and iron. Calcium assists the unborn child in development as it provides the fetus with a special mineral that is designed for

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