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Case Study- Seizure Mark is a 10 grade student with cerebral palsy after a head injury when he was an infant. He struggles with lack of muscle control, walking, writing, bad vision, hearing and difficulty talking. He has good friends in the class that share the same hobby over computer games. He is a very good student in all areas especially math but struggles with writing and speaking. He helps the school with computer software because of his work with his friends with computers. It is very hard for him to write because of his lack of muscle control and he struggles greatly with talking. His reading is slow but that is because his vision is poor because he his reading comprehension is at the top of the class. He is one of the smartest kids in the class and wants to go to college to develop software for computers. Mark is in all general education classes but does go to the resources room to work on writing. He uses his study hall to help the school with their computers. He has no need for modifications but does need accommodations to be able to stay and be successful in general education class. - Assistive technology- communication devices, computer technology - Make room accessible for all students - Audio- visual aids - Use of tape recorder if writing is difficult - Place oneself at eye-level when talking to him - Note-takers - Pencil grips - Allow extra transition time - Allow students to stench and be mobile during class - Lower table for writing - Establish a visual sign so student does not have to raise their hand - Place him near exits if possible - Extra time to complete tasks PLAAFP Mark is a very talented and smart student who has cerebral palsy. His writing skills are well below grade level and affect his ability to write out answers that reflect his work. This hurts his ability to work on homework by himself which holds back progress

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