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CRCJ 2335 Case Study #2 The Adler’s Research Project 1. What was the reason given in the article by Patricia Adler that necessitated her and her husband to study upper-level drug traffickers by assuming a “peripheral” role in their daily activities? a. Because they couldn’t be active members of that type of business. So they try become “wise” about that type of business so they’ll be accepted. 2. Discuss (not list or just name) how the Adler’s gained Dave’s confidence. b. They gained Dave’s trust by buying drugs from him at first. And then when they went over to Dave’s house and two of Dave’s friends where there talking about there smuggling success. Then Dave opened up to the Adler’s about what he really does. 3. Discuss (not list or just name) three (3) instances where the Adler’s faced ethical dilemmas of inappropriate behavior while doing covert research. c. Buying and doing drugs d. Help lie about dave being innocent in court e. Helped them with their business 4. What were dangers that they faced by embedding themselves into the upper-level drug world? f. members of deviant groups can become hostile toward a researcher if they think that they are being treated wrongfully and couldn’t have gotten in trouble with the cops 5. At what point in their lives (stressor) did they decide that they were in danger and wanted to end their participation? g. When they have to lie for people so they don’t give away there secrets. 6. What was the Adler’s ethical dilemma in being able to publish their research after they ended their covert participation? h. It was that she had to post all the secrets they trusted them
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