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CASE STUDY 1 – THOMAS GREEN, POWER, OFFICE POLITICS, & CAREER IN CRISIS This case study is all about the career and ambitions of Thomas Green. He works as a senior market specialist in a reputed company called Dynamic Display. As we go read along the case, we get a picture about the different problems faced by him as he moves forward in his profession. Our hero in the case study gives out a very unique identity. Thomas green is described as appealing and charming by his colleagues when it comes to handling clients. He is a quick thinker and a brilliant learner. He is very hard working and persistent which led him to be a senior market specialist at a very young age of 28. He has the backbone to stand up for what seems unrealistic to him as we can see that he opposed his boss Frank Davis in the Budget Plan Meeting. His boss Frank Davis on the other hand is more of a negative person. We can derive from this case study that he has to have the final word. He is not a person who would appreciate the suggestions and advice of his subordinate. He is also seen as the critical evaluator of Thomas. The repulsive nature of Frank Davis often failed to see the positive aspects of Thomas. As observed in the case study, both Thomas and frank possess different working patterns. Thomas never bothers to come up with any evidence to support his ideas and this often leaves the clients in jeopardy. Frank on the other hand always meets his client with enough documents to back his proposals. Frank had already had certain ground rules on how the job must be accomplished. But Thomas being independent took the job into action in his own way. After one month of Thomas being promoted, Frank came up with a list of problems that he saw in Thomas. For instance, Frank complained that Thomas did not do a good work of briefing him on Thomas’s program. Frank also stated that there was no

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