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Ancheta, Jade Khristoffer M. BSIT-3A Case 1 1. The ethical issue or problem is that Lorna is considering to make Bill a copy of the interview questions so he can prepare on the actual interview. 2. The relevance of the decision is that if Lorna will do it, she will help her friend Bill to get a job in that company. 3. The person who are also going to apply to that company are the one who will be affected by Lorna’s decision. We all know that if we’re going to apply to a company or a job we will undergo to an interview. We don’t have that 100% assurance to be hire to that company but if Lorna is going to give Bill a copy of the interview questions the other applicants don’t have the chance to get the job. 4. The affected person must do is to give their best to make sure that they will get the job and have a self confidence that he/she can make it. 5. First alternative action, give Bill the copy of the questions for the interview. Second alternative action, set a day for the one on one interview with him and ask him different questions that you think it can help him to get the job. Third alternative action, just believe in him. Don’t tell him nor give him about the interview questions. - In every alternative there are the best and worst scenarios if you will do it. For the best scenario you can help your friend and he will be part of the company and for the worst scenario if you will help Bill is that the other applicants will have a least chance to get the job and at the same time the company will suffer to because Bill didn’t make an effort to get the job. Alternative one should not be selected because it only means that you don’t believe in your friend’s capabilities and you never treat people fairly. 6. Lorna must not give a copy of the interview questions to Bill even though Bill is your friend it doesn’t mean that you need to do everything just to

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