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MGMT 591 – Leadership and Organizational Behavior Week 3 Case Study Assignment Sharon Alexander-Jenkins GROUP DEVELOPMENT Christine’s group is in the storming stage of team development. The team is experiences periods of very high emotional tension, specifically with particular group members as the premature performance measurements of Mike have been established. While all other members of the team have initial high expectations between one another due to the output of work that each has performed already, Mike is barely performing to the standards of the other group members and has begun to create excuses for his lack of performance. Thus, he has placed himself in a situation in which he perceives that cliques have been established by the other members of the group. While these individuals had unintentionally met up during a lunch period one day, due to his earlier perception at a class meeting of the team members joking with the professor, Mike made a judgment against his group member believing that they had formed some kind of coalition that did not include him. Understanding what stage in team development that the group was in could greatly assist Christine in helping her team’s performance by ensuring that the goals are clearly defined and establishing the roles of all team members prior to a building conflict. However, now Christine is weighed down, facing the challenge of dealing with one group member who has been in a way holding back the progress of the rest of the group. PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION As the title suggest, the main problem that Christine’s group is developing is that one group member is fading away in the background, or being forgotten, as the other members form natural relationships and bonds with each other from spending more time together. While these may not have been the intentions of the individuals or the remaining group members involved,

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