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MEMORANDUM To: Donald Penchiala & Marilyn Anchley Subject: Staffing quantity & Staffing quality Date: May 13, 2012 Executive Summary Due to the recent growth of the Tanglewood department store chain there are some issues with the core values and culture being maintained throughout the entire chain. The Tanglewood department store chain requires some outside assistance with their staffing and centralizing of HR functions. Tanglewood department store needs to evaluate the staffing decisions more strategically. By focusing on the levels and quality of strategic staffing their department store chain can come together with their core values and culture as was adhered to with their first ten stores. After an assessment of the current staffing procedures and processes evaluation, the issues with staffing can be resolved. Background Tanglewood is a department store that was founded in 1975 by Tanner Emerson and Thurston Wood. The department store began with one location in Spokane Washington and has grown leaps and bounds in no time by acquiring 233 existing department stores and converting them into Tanglewood department stores. The Tanglewood chain is located in the western United States and caters to the upper-middle class. Tanglewood shows promising profit ratios and very good operating revenues. Findings Tanglewood is seeking some assistance getting their culture and values to be the same throughout the entire chain. Because of this rapid growth Tanglewood has had some issues with acquiring and developing staff the way that they did at their original ten locations. Tanglewood needs to develop a lag system of HR strategy, meaning they need to fulfill their staffing based on the responses of the organizations needs. Tanglewood wants their staff to represent a specific culture and create a personable shopping experience. Tanglewood currently

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