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BCO2501 Electronic Commerce Business Interfaces Case Study This assignment contributes 30% towards your final mark in this subject. It is designed to help you meet the aim of this subject – to provide students to take an active role in planning, preparation and maintenance of electronic data transfer systems for use between businesses, organisations and other bodies. This assignment comprises a self-sourced case study, which means you must find your own appropriate case study. The case study is vital to your success in this subject and will be of great benefit to your understanding of electronic commerce systems. See your tutor or lecturer to discuss the suitability of your chosen case study. To complete the assignment, you are required to: (1) Write a Case study report, (2) Do a 10-minute case study presentation (only summary or key points are required), including a summary handout for all students in your tutorial (3) Do various pieces of work as listed in the progress reporting schedule. The case study must examine an organisation or specific system involving (1) a comparison among three or more organisations in the same industry or service sector, which perhaps has a number of different types of EC interfaces. The case study must be based on a real electronic commerce system in Australia, Hong Kong or other International location (examples are: web sites, EDI systems, intranets, extranets, organisations planning electronic commerce systems and cashless systems). (2) Literature review to establish a robust framework about criteria for assessing and comparing the systems in the selected companies. After comparison, the best system is identified and further improvement may be recommended in the case study report. (3) Data gathering should be conducted by methods such as reading of company documents, conducting interviews, surveys or other appropriate techniques.

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