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Case Study: Social Media Questions to research and answer: 1. The NLRB has made findings regarding the use of employee posts on Social Media sites to discipline or terminate those employees. Typically these cases occur when an employee posts “negative” information about their current employer or boss. Sometimes these are “public” and other times the employer uses “spies” or “fake friending” to see the Facebook page of the employee. Find at least one case or article online regarding this topic, and briefly explain the facts of the case, and the determination of the NLRB as to whether the employee was properly or improperly disciplined or terminated as a result of their use of Social Media to complain about, criticize, or publicly bash their company or boss. Provide the citation to the article you discover. (Use the term “concerted activity” in your query or search to help you find one of these cases.) (20 points) I found this newspaper article, “Nurse fired after online comments about fatality,” to be quite interesting after reading. In the article, a contract nurse made a horrible comment about a situation that had occurred between a victim of a fatal collision with an ambulance and motorcycle at Yuma’s Hospital. Nurse Angela Gusta posted to a site by the name of with a comment stating, "If the ambulance was on a run and had lights or siren on, the cyclist was in the wrong, PERIOD. If he died, aw, but sorry, HIS FAULT," she wrote. "As an ER nurse who sees people REGULARLY not get out of the way of ambulances, cops firemen...Got no pity for anyone hit by any of the above. Pay attention and get out of the way." After the furious responses from individuals online regarding the horrific post from Gusta, Yuma Regional Medical Center released a statement that Gusta’s contract has been terminated. I agree with the NLRB’s decision to terminate the

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