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Case Study # 1 – Empress Luxury Lines 1.When determining what his obligations are to his subordinate, Kevin Pheiffer, what decision would Antonio Melendez most likely reach if he applied the utilitarian approach to decision making? What conclusions would probably result if he employed the individualism approach? If Antonio were to make his decision based on the utilitarian approach, he would be choosing the greater good of the company and the rest of the employees. That means that Antonio decided to deal with the matter personally. There are no definitions in the employee handbook for whistleblowing and he is putting his job on the line. He is putting himself and that could potentially keep many of employees from losing their jobs. If Kevin calls the insurance company to report the fraud, he is using the individualism approach. This approach looks out for the greater benefit of the individual. That individual or individuals would be Antonio and Kevin. By dealing with this personally, Antonio, could lose his job as well as Kevin, though the probability is higher for Antonio. The call would be most likely anonymous and there would not be any consequences for them directly. Insurance fraud is a serious crime and there can be costly investigations involved and the company could be affected financially, not only to pay for this, but losing revenue from customers that refuse to purchase their services from a fraudulent company. Therefore hundreds of employees could lose their jobs in return. The text also includes in the definition for individualism that, ‘self-direction is paramount and external forces that restrict self-direction should be severely limited.’ This basically means that his decision should be what he thinks and knows is correct should be made because of that and any other influences should be kept at a minimum. 2.Put yourself in Antonio’s position

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