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Video Case Study: Live Nation The center of our society is being online. Talking and communicating with someone used to mean actually being in the presence of another, whereas now, you can talk and communicate with someone and know all about every minute of their day, without ever leaving the comfort of your computer, or phone of course. Being online and the influx of technology has created a new ideal: connectivity. It is ironic that this connectivity isolates individuals from seeing one another and in doing so; the same activities and hobbies that were once so coveted are now obsolete. that is why it is so imperative to look at a company that has flourished, despite being in an industry that has been turned upside down in the technology age. Live Nation took an age-old idea: going to concerts and following the music, into a profitable business that fits right in with the technological advances of the ever-changing times. Live Nation has a simple customer base, any one who is interested in music. They service the fans of artists and the artists themselves. Though they are called Live Nation, they do not only serve the fans who go to live concerts, though of course this is a major aspect of their company, they also focus on all ways in which fans connect to their music, and the ways the artists want their fans to experience their craft. “From the time Live Nation started, the mission has always been clear. It is very much about connecting fans and artists. And how we do that has evolved and changed starting initially with our core focus on the live music experience, the development of concerts and shows. As the industry changes and as Live Nation becomes a much bigger player and continuing to connect fans and artists and finding ways to do that, we live by our mission” (Live

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