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Studies can bring more knowledge to something we already know such as a previous study or research. In particular Social Sciences have use extensive qualitative research method and examine the real life situations and they provide a basis for an application of ideas and extension of methods. Researcher Robert K. Yin defines a case study research method as an empirical inquiry that investigates a contemporary phenomenon with its real-life context: when the boundaries between phenomenon and context are not clearly evident: and in which multiple sources of evidence are use (Yin, 1983, p.23). Robert Y. is the president of COSMOS Corporation that is a evaluation research firm that is based in Bethesda Maryland. There are some critics of the case study method, which mentions they believe there is a small number of cases that can’t offer any grounds for establishing reliability or generality of findings. And there are some researchers that continue to use the case study research method with much success and planned and crafted the studies in real-life problems and situation. There are techniques for organizing and conducting a research successfully would include, how you would determine and define the research questions, selecting cases and determine data gathering and analysis techniques, preparing to collect the data and finally collect data in the field. The research study that I’m interested in would be drug addiction among low income African Americans. My study would include ten subjects, five women and ten men, age range 12 years to 21 years of age. My research would be in a comfortable setting not to exceed for more than one year. My study would probably not represent the population, but add to the building and developing or perhaps improve a theory. My study would initially include a questionnaire and a video interview first and during the entire process.

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