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Running head :CASE STUDY 1 Case Study 1 Psych 210 B27 Liberty University Online CASE STUDY 2 A 6 year old student brought a gun to school and unfortunately shot his classmate while in the library, this happened because of a fight that happened the day before on the playground. The legal system in America states that children under the age of 7 cannot be held responsible for the crimes they commit. According to our textbook Developing through the life span Child neglect is defined as “failure to meet a child’s basic physical, educational, or emotional needs (Berger 222) The child in this case where very much so being neglected, the adults in the house were not paying attention to what was going on with the child. This child was clearly emulating what he saw by his relatives who were in jail for prior gun related charges. A child is a sponge it soaks up what it sees. When a child is growing up they tend to look at their parents as mentors or teachers. Children are apprentice in thinking mean “someone whose intellectual growth is stimulated and directed by older and skilled members of society” (Berger 240) In this the case the child was looking at his father and grandfather and learning that it was okay to use a gun to hurt someone, because that’s what his dad did who in away is his teacher. Also there was another adult in the house who had an illegal gun, the child was learning that it’s okay to have a gun and use it. “Between the ages of 2 to 6, the brain grows from 75 % to 90% of adult weight, with increases particularly in the areas that allow advanced language and social understanding.” (Berger 212) Just because a child’s brain is growing it does not necessarily mean that they understand completely what is going on around them or what is the reason why people do what

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