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Case Study: Internet Abuse in Universities 1. Why do you think organizations might be reluctant to allow this type of research to be undertaken by students? I think that organizations view internet abuse as a private matter and don’t want to address it. Internet abuse is newer compared to all of the other workplace rules. Organizations don’t want to create a bad name for themselves by letting it out that an employee was abusing the internet at work. I think the more it is addressed, internet abuses my lesson and cause more employees to rethink how to use the internet at work. 2. What are the key ethical issues raised in this case study? The key issues are organizations need to safeguard their reputation to stay in business; organizations need to have an appropriate Internet use policy (AIUP); organizations need to support their IUP with monitoring of employee Internet use; and organizations should see the prevention of employees’ access to pornographic material through workplace computers to be a priority. All of these issues should be addressed to keep employees from misusing the internet at work. 3. With hindsight, how could Shanta have designed her research to avoid some of the difficulties encountered in her research? Shanta could have asked fewer organizations for feedback. I think that she may have asked too many workplaces for information. I think this will hold her up on her research because she will have to wait until she has all of the feedback. I think that she should have used the Internet to research her information more instead of relying on busy corporations. 4. Devise categories to label the short extracts from the interview transcripts. ‘Unitise’ or code these data, using these categories and using sentences as units. The questions asked about Internet abuse in the

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