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ABC, Inc Case Study ABC, Inc is a thriving Southern California textile business. They are currently recruiting new employees for its Burbank Distribution Center. They are doing this in preparation of the holiday season rush, and their 2012 expansion. ABC, Inc’s Operations Supervisor Monica Carrols has been leading the recruitment. She has delegated the recruitment to her newest employee Carl Robbins. Carl Robbins is a recent new hire himself, only having been with ABC, Inc for six months. Monica felt that Carl was ready for this assignment, and gave him the go ahead to start the process. He was so enthusiastic about his new task that he had hired all fifteen employees within the first few weeks. Now having hired the employees, Carl is solely responsible for making sure that each new employee has a physical, drug test. Along with that he must also ensure that he has developed a training plan, orientation date, manuals, policies, and booklets for each new employee. Carl will have about 6 months to prepare for the upcoming training. Just before it was time to hold the training and orientation Carl decide to look through some of the new employee files. As he searched through them de discovered that they were incomplete. They were lacking the necessary transcripts, and the required drug screening. This led him to look into things a bit deeper. He then went looking for the training materials. As you guessed it, he found that these too were incomplete. The booklets were missing pages, and lacked the necessary content. As if it couldn’t get any worse for Carl, he soon discovered that the training room had also been booked by the IT department for the entire month. Carl was in a major dilemma as the new employee orientation was approaching fast. What was he going to do? There were several key factors that played a pivotal role in Carl’s current

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