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The case study of Steve Jackson and the Kirkpatrick Mental Health Center (KMHC) is a complicated and detailed case. The Kirkpatrick Mental Health Center is under the leadership of Steve Jackson. For the past couple of years, the staff and Steve have attempted to reorganize their efforts to address service demands and to efficiently carry out the mission of the center. The mission of the Kirkpatrick Mental Health Center is “to provide for the mental health needs of the community and serve in a leadership role for the development of community-based mental health services. Unfortunately, for particularly the past six months, the center has seemed to be lacking success with upholding their mission. The case study of Steve Jackson and the KMHC is focused on the plans to address the issues in the broader community in order to better achieve the center’s mission. The plan began to take place after tragic news of two recent deaths in the community within a month. Both events involved past clients of the Kirkpatrick Mental Health Center. Simon, a client that was deinstitutionalized ten years ago, was a victim of vehicular homicide. Simon had been a frequent state hospital patient in the last two years, and was once used by the agency as a test case for a “least restrictive environment” principle. The agency was responsible for Simon’s follow up and on the day of his death, the KMHC requested Simon’s readmission to the state hospital. The center’s staff took Simon’s death particularly hard, but it wasn’t until the second death that finally brought the staff to requesting a crisis meeting with Steve. The second death was the murder of Luis Rey, nephew of a client named Pedro. Pedro was a client with the agency for four years, and was institutionalized eight times during the past year. Pedro had been consistently on and off his medication which helps him soothe violent

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