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Final Project Case Analysis In this case study, we will be analyzing a conflict among coworkers as well as close friends which involves theAdministrative personnel along with Melanie who works in the Finance & Accounting branch of the response department.The situation involves the manger of Administrative department, who is the only personnel on the staff and is often overwhelmed with work during the summer months. A problem arises between Fabi and Karen, the admin clerk in responses, and the Secretary in charge of the Captain (the main boss). Fabi does sometimes work with Karen to enter in status updates for memo’s or personnel reviews for officers when the workload gets unmanageable. The organization will be undergoing a rapid growth of personnel needs as far as orders or household goods information within the next six months and Fabi will no longer able to help Karen out has much with the memo’s or personnel reviews. We will be analyzing their strategies used, process used to solve the conflicts under the John-Dewey’s rational problem-solving process. Conflict does haveits benefits which allows for people to overcome individual psychological distortions and biases by forcing people out of their traditional modes of thinking. There are different strategies that can be used to manage conflict that do include accommodating, avoiding, compromising, forcing and problem solving. In this case analysis the following were used; accommodating and compromising. Karen is someone I see use avoiding and Fabi maybe could for see forcing as a strategy. Knowing that once a year there will be a high volume of work to be done should automatically transition you into a team play and work with each other to help with the stressful time and to make the organization run smoothing with fewer complaints from customers and error. The main cause of this conflict is that when working

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