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The three women I chose for my case study are Toni Frissell, Therese Bonney and Esther Bubley. I chose these women because while they were all prominent photographers during the World War II era, they all made impacts capturing different aspects of the war. Toni Frissell was, in my opinion, the most dynamic, as she seemed to want to be in the middle of the action. Although she was famous for her work in the fashion industry with Vogue, she sought the fame of capturing front page material such as wartime images. Her volunteer work with the American Red Cross, the Women’s Army Corp and the Eighth Army Air Force allowed her to capture images that countered negative perceptions of women in uniform and black soldiers’ abilities to perform demanding military jobs. Like Frissell, Esther Bubley began her photography career in the fashion world, also working with Vogue. Unlike Frissell, Bubley was more interested in capturing the effects of mobilization for from the perspective of the average American civilian. While working for the National Archive, she began taking photos around Washington, D.C. of people involved in the war effort, such as the city’s boarding houses for war workers. She took at least one cross country trip to photograph American life as it prepared for war. Therese Bonney, who lived in Paris, was kind of a mix of Frissell and Bubley. She did not fear being in the midst of the active war effort, but her focus was the effects of war on the people of France. Being a European citizen, Bonney had much more of a personal stake than the other to photographers. She traveled around Europe to capture images of the homeless and displaced children and families that the war had uprooted. Bonney also surpassed the others as she took her work to another level by publishing in books, doing public shows in places such as the Library of Congress and even

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