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Divorce Case Study: Helping Janet Liberty University HSER 509 D08 Dr. Alan Cheney Abstract Janet is a prospective client in her early 30’s. Janet has been married and divorced four times. She is also the mother of three children from her previous marriages. Janet has reported that she suffers for addiction issues using alcohol and drugs through the years. She also reports she had a very difficult childhood. During her childhood her parents were also abusers of alcohol and violent towards one another while Janet was growing up in the home. Janet reported she was sexually abuse as a teenager in the home by her uncle which is when her substance abuse begins. This paper will look at treatment option to use to help Janet deal with sexual abuse issues and substance abuse issues. Also discussed in this paper are the best theoretic model to use, the length of treatment, and the tool to use in order to help Janet obtain her goals drug rehabilitation. Keywords: addiction, counselor, childhood sexual abuse, ethnic groups Divorce Case Study: Helping Janet Janet a female in her early 30’s has come into the office for counseling. She is reporting that her life is chaotic. Janet has been married and divorced four times. She has three children by her former husband’s. Janet has also reported she is struggled with alcohol and drug use for many years. She also reports that her parents abuse alcohol and were physically abusive with each other. Lastly, Janet reported she was sexually abuse as a teenager by her uncle on more than one occasion while the uncle lived with the family. In order to help Janet with her life background information must be obtained in order to get a clear picture of what may have led her to this point in her life. I would require Janet to fill out an intake form which would have very basic information such as name, address, phone, employment,

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