Case Study 2

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Case Study Two: Sigmund Freud 1.) Freudian perspective would indicate that Steve’s relationships with women are internally motivated. Steve wants to feel attractive therefore; Steve is acting with more of the basic and primal instincts of his id, which is the pleasure principle. 2.) The state of conscious that is most involved in controlling behavior is the ego, as it serves as the mediator between the id and the super ego. According to Freudian theory Steve would not be aware of why he interacts with women on only a sexual basis, because he is acting a lot from his unconscious id instincts. 3.) The type of Freudian psychic energy that motivates Steve’s relationships with women is libido, which can become attached to an object known as cathexis. 4.) The type of personality that Steve displays according to Freud is the phallic personality. What could have caused this was the lack of affectionate relationship with the mother, feeling not good enough and in a way ashamed. Lacking self-confidence in viewing himself as attractive. This is because of Steve’s constant need for recognition and appreciation of his attractiveness. This can also be seen in his need for repeated sexual intercourse. 5.) The Freudian stage that Steve is fixated is the phallic stage. This is the stage that is when the pleasure is formed from the genital region, this could have contributed to the fixation because of Steve continually having relations with females but having difficulty establishing mature heterosexual relationships. What could have caused this fixation is fear of feeling never being good enough and confident. 6.) Others might have expressed their behavior being fixated at this stage might have personality types that indicate self-image issues, and an example would be a women to use her talents and ways to charm and to overwhelm and conquer

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