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Case Study Case Study In the medical field writing a prescription for a patient can become serious trouble if you are not licensed to do so. A provider should be the only person who writes out prescriptions, because generally within the practice they will be the only person who does have the license that allows them the ability to do that. Nurses are not authorized, and so they should never write a prescription because they can face possibly prosecution for their actions if they choose to do so. According to the case study Jerry McCall is an office assistant, who has had training in medical assistant, and in LPN. According to The Medical Board of California Medical assistants may not call in new prescriptions or any prescriptions that have changes ( 2011). So if this patient has an order for Valium in his files that does get refilled from time to time, I believe that Jerry McCall would be authorized to refill the prescription. However if there is not a standing order within the file, he cannot make a new one for the patient. If Jerry McCall simply chooses to call one in because the man claims to be a personal friend of the doctor this could ruin his professional career, and cost him money and time. He could spend time in court fighting for his freedom for writing prescriptions, which also would cost him a lot of money through lawyers. He would lose his job no matter what, because he was unauthorized to write a prescription and did it anyhow. There must also be an agreement between Williams and McCall where it was said that it alright to process refill's when patients call in needing one. There are rules that must be followed, or it could affect Williams' license as well. So if there is not a previous agreement in which Williams told McCall that it was okay to authorize refills in the event he was not there, McCall should not refill for patients.

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