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Case Study 1 From reading this scenario, I am able to identify several accident causation theories that relate to the accident that occurred. The combination theory of accident causation would be the best fit for this accident. The theories that make up the combination are: domino theory of accident causation, human factors theory of accident causation, accident/incident theory of accident causation, epidemiological theory of accident causation, and the systems theory of accident causation. The domino theory of accident causation is where an accident has occurred due to a series of unsafe acts, thus creating a domino effect. This theory is seen when Tom Murphy tells Mike Morello to get the forklift fixed, Mike doing the temporary fix, Bill Jefferson using the forklift and seeing the chemical spill, Tom indicating that Bill should continue using the forklift, the forklift breaking, Bill being covered by the chemical, and Bill being rushed to the hospital. From the beginning act of pressure, the events only got worst which resulted in a serious accident. The human factors theory of accident causation is where an accident is caused by a simple human error. The factors that lead to human error are overload, inappropriate response, and inappropriate activities. (Goetsch, 2010) Overload is seen when Mike is ordered by Tom to get the forklift fixed, even if it’s temporary. Mike is overloaded with pressure to fix the forklift without the necessary equipment and tools needed to fix it. Inappropriate response is seen when Mike doesn’t speak up when he knows that fixing the forklift himself would be hazardous. It is also seen when Tom simply ignores Bill’s gesture that something is wrong and Bill continues to use the forklift. They all removed a safeguard from the machine in an effort to increase output. (Goetsch, 2010) Accident/incident theory of accident causation

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