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Amanda Sfirri MGMT-591-20620 Leadership and Org Behavior Case Study Professor Joseph Neptune January 22, 2015 Part I: Group Development After reading the case study “Building a Coalition’ on page 629 of the text book, I believe that the stage that the group is at now is the first stage, called Forming stage. We can also see signs of the second stage, the storming stage, as it is the stage where members of the team accept the existence of the group. The five-stage group development model described in our textbook on page 275 are forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning. The forming stage is characterized by much uncertainty about the group’s purpose, structure, and leadership. As per the Woodson Foundation “The first stage in bringing this new plan to fruition is the formation of an executive development team.” Staff and team members will come together in this stage to form a group, in which they will be part of. The storming stage is characterized by intragroup conflict. Basically, members of the team will come together to work together. This is where after the forming stage; members will have their opinions and working styles. However, when this stage is complete, there will be a relatively clear hierarchy of leadership within the group. Based on the case study we can see a formed coalition amongst the team members to establish the operating plan for improving school performance. These two stages are forming, as these members will have to work together and come up with a solution to the problem stated in the case study. Even though there is much uncertainty, in order to get the plan to work and the goal reached, they will have to be a team. In conclusion, there will be conflict due to different opinions and the fact that each group has its own interest.

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