Case Study 1

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Whitney Roper – 0876801 Prof. Cassler SCLT 3381 – Monday 2:30-4PM Monday, September 29th, 2014 (1). What nonverbal cues did the salesperson, John Andrews, experience when contacting Martha Gillespie? Martha was very unprofessional as she showed up to their meeting 20 minutes late. I could understand John’s frustration as he got there promptly. These two contrasts can show different interest in this meeting. After she arrived late, she did not seem to even be in a hurry as she stepped over to her secretary and talked about a tennis game, which clearly could have been put off until after their meeting so Martha shows very little interest in getting the meeting started and it doesn’t show to have any high importance to her. Even after they stepped into her office, she left her door open and another salesman, essentially John’s competition, was standing there waiting for his meeting which was not too long after. This could have made John uncomfortable, adding to his frustration. Martha also did not bother to show John any kind of respectful attention as he was finally able to give her his presentation. Her husband called during their delayed meeting and she did not bother putting him on hold or calling him back. She took another ten minutes of their meeting and talked to her husband. Also during his presentation, Martha saw it fit to sign and read letters she had on her desk, furthermore taking away attention from John’s presentation. To make matters worse, she chose this time to clean her golf shoes. Martha soon after interrupted John’s speech and ended his meeting because she was more concerned with his competition that was waiting outside her open office door. (2). If you were John Andrews, how would you have handled the situation? If I were in John’s position, I would politely express to Martha that she was not being very professional in

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