Case Studey of Adhd

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Case Study: A.D.H.D. PSYCH 515 April 23, 2012 Case Study: A.D.H.D. Outline the major symptoms of the disorder discussed in the case. * Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) causes individuals to become impulsive, disorganized, and attention leaps from one tasks to another. The three major symptoms of this disorder are attention, often ignoring details, becoming distracted, and unable to complete tasks. Next is hyperactive behavior, children are often restless and find it difficult to sit still or be quiet. They are also impulsive, often interrupting and unable to wait their turn (Faces Interactive). * In David’s case, he seems to be a nice boy, fun and excited, but incredibly hyperactive. He seemed to be constantly moving and fidgety, o the point of making others around him nervous. The ADHA severely affects David. He finds it unable to focus for any amount of time; this in turn, makes school extremely difficult, and even gets a sense of being out casted at times (Faces Interactive). * He also shows a lack of judgment, not knowing when to stop, or be calm. David also admits to being overly loud and restless in school. All these factors make him a bit embarrassed around others. He also becomes disappointed he cannot be more focused and get irritated that he cannot always complete tasks as necessary (Faces Interactive). * Briefly describe the client’s background. * The client is 16, and has says he has been hyperactive for as long as he can remember. After school, he comes home and plays video games. With the games he can focus, remembers difficult tasks, and acts as his ‘quiet’ place. Afterward, he calls friends, or spends time with his girlfriend (Faces Interactive). * He makes distractions for himself, says he cannot focus without them. He finds himself talking to himself or day dreaming on a regular basis (Faces
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