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INTM 322 - Industrial Project Management Instructor: Will Maurer Case Study # 1 Project Management: a Managerial Approach 8th edition. I. Case Summary The case from Chapter 6 of Project Management: a Managerial Approach 8th edition presents Heublein, Inc., a group that develops, manufactures and markets consumer food. Heublein, Inc.’s projects is characterized for its focus on cost-benefit analysis; minimal emphasis on execution of the projects and no mechanism to assure that non-financial results were achieved. Weakness as over budget and needs for optimal utilization of capital were easily identified. Responding the situation, the group called for a program to improve execution of capital projects by implementing PM&C. Corporate Facilities and Manufacturing Department was placed to provide technical consulting services to the corporation. The program was successful and bringing an outsider to execute the program was a clever strategy. II. Case Solutions Question 1. In the introduction of the case, the company presents its major businesses using a basic organizational chart where the magnitude of each sales revenues are represented and divided by “Groups. The project process prior was showed as a simple vertical flow and the main interests could be pointed as “focus on cost-benefit analysis” and “no mechanisms to assure that non-financial results were achieved”. This situation changes along the case through the use of some aids. The first initiative can be identified in the implementation phase of PM&C, on the topic “Program Design”. In this phase, a “project launch meeting” is used. It’s main purpose was discuss INTM 322 – Industrial Project Managment Case Study #1, Page 2 in sufficient detail potential contributors and develop a general understanding of what was needed. Project plans were used through the construction of a sequenced list of activities

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