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(c) What are the challenges in implementing a CPFR process in the supply chain? The below are the challenges in implementing CPFR process. 1. Selection of Partners: For a successful relationship it is important that there is close fit different aspects like realistic benefits, organization and culture. 2. Trust based Relationship: In CPFR, sharing of sensitive information is required which is only possible when the trading partners trust one another. 3. Confidentiality: Confidentiality agreements should document common understanding around areas where confidentiality is vital between the trading partners. 4. Technology: Significant amount of Technology is required to facilitate the smooth implementation of CPFR, without it, CPFR can not succeed. 5. Senior Management Involvement: The senior management must show faith in the programme and hence accordingly provide necessary resources like Human Resources, Technical infrastructure and Budget to the team for successful implementation. (d) Based on your understanding of the POS data, is there any other recommendations you would like to give to Sanjay. 1. Data Synchronization: we can synchronize the sales data to control the followings. a. POS flows on a daily or real-time basis b. inventory levels c. store-level data 2. Complex event Processing: We can use POS data for reducing out-of-stocks by applying the followings. d. Processing (CEP), a new category of software that: e. Getting actionable intelligence, not just reports. f. Getting alerts with recommended solutions based on analysing problems in context. g. It can take action automatically to fix problems as they emerge. h. This will be able to handles massive POS data loads automatically. i. Improves performance of promoted stock, turn stock,

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