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I suppose if I had recently opened an account with Karina UAB – an International online broker and need to purchase shares of McDonalds or Google Inc I would buy: Google Inc. (GOOG) shares because by Analyst Opinion it was rated this and last week by 2.0 point, while McDonalds was rated 2.4 point that means Analyst recommend more to buy Google Inc. shares than McDonalds. Level of measurements are ratios for example: 1) Mean and Median Target are more higher at GOOG than MCD; 2) there are more No. of Brokers in GOOG (40) than in MCD (21); 3) Strong Buy recommendation treds in GOOG last month were 12 and current is 13 while MCD last month were 4 and current is 0. I would recommend GOOG stocks because of Analyst Opinion and these reasons that I provided above. a) Quantitave variables are: Employees, Sales, Cost of Sales, Gross Profit, Gross Profit Margin, Total Taxes, Net Income, ROA and ROI. Qualitative variables are: Name, Economic Sector and Economic Industry. b) Level of measurements are: Name – Nominal Economic Sector – Nominal Industry Type – Nominal Employees – Ratio Sales – Ratio Cost of Sales – Ratio Gross profit – Ratio Gross profit margin – Ratio Total taxes – Ratio Net income – Ratio ROA – Ratio ROI – Ratio c) Typical gross profit margin is 42.74 d) Range of gross profit margin is from: -15.51 to 94.76 e) Mean: 36,113.08 Median: 19,609.73 Standart Deviation: 45908.94 a) Automobile pie chart. b) The best selling car model is Volkswagen Golf with 571,838 cars sold in 2009. c) Top three best car models sold in 2009 percentage is: 39% Drug Manufacturers – Major: P/E variable analysis. Mean: 101.19 Median: 17.78 Standart Deviation: 342.77 Utilities – Gas Utilities: P/E variable analysis. a) Mean: 33.40 b) Median: 18.03 c) Standart Deviation: 8.786 Compare Mean and Standard Deviation: The means and

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