Case One: Facility Essay

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SOME SELECTED CASES FACILITY CASE ONE WORKOUT PLUS Workout Plus is a health club that offers a full range of services to its clients. Recently, too other fitness clubs have opened up in town, threatening Workout’s solvency. While Workout is tops among serious fitness buffs, it has not attracted a wide spectrum of members. Shannon Hiller, owner and manager, has decided it’s time for aface lift. She started the process by sponsoring a week-long “ideathon” among club members. Nonmembers who frequented an adjacent grocery store were also canvased for suggestions. Their comments are provided below, along with the current facility layout. Free Weights Aerobics Rooms Circuit Training Cardio Machines Member comments: The cardio machines fill up too fast on rainy days. Then everything else gets backed up. I don’t feel like strutting through the gym from one end to the other just to finish my workout.  How about a quick 30-minutes workout routine for busy folks?  I like working out with my friends, but aerobics is not for me. What other group activities are good for cardio?  Separate the people who want to gab from the people who want to pump.  It’s so confusing with all those machines and weights.  It’s hard to work yourself in when you come from across the gym. I’d like to see the machines I’ll be using to gauge my time.  Circuit training is for wimps. The next thing you know you’ll be stopping and starting the music to tell us when to change machines.  We all seem to arrive at the popular machines at once. Can you space us out?  I’d like for my kids to get some exercise too while I’m working out. But I don’t want them wandering all over the place trying to find me.  This place is too crowded and disorganized. It’s not fun anymore.  You have classes only at busy times. During the day the gym is empty but you don’t provide many services. I think you’re missing a

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