Case of a New Probationer. Essay

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Introduction to Corrections Week 4 Sandra McHenry Everest University Online As an officer in this scenario I have received a case of a new probationer. He was placed on probation by the judge for possession of cocaine. I am to meet with this probationer the next morning at 9a.m when I will instruct him of the judge’s order which is: 20 hours of community service, a 10-week drug rehabilitation program, and to pay $500 in court fees and costs. The first issue I will discuss with the probationer is the importance of following the set plan for his probation period. It is my responsibility to inform him of the conditions and to remind him that I am his link to being free or to going back to jail. There is a fine line between power and authority that I must maintain, but I need to do so in order for my probationer to respect the authority I have over him. I will inform my probationer of the legal conditions of probation; standard, punitive and treatment conditions that are set by the court or written in law. Standard conditions including reporting to the probation office, reporting any change of address, remaining employed, and not leaving the jurisdiction without permission. Punitive conditions are constraints imposed on some probationers, to increase the restrictiveness or painfulness of probation, including fines, community service and restitution. The treatment conditions are constraints imposed on some probationers to force them to deal with a significant problem or need, such as substance abuse. At my meeting with the probationer I will inform him on the plan for his successful completion of his probation. First, I would tell him that as part of his probation he is to report to me once a week (every Wednesday before noon) and attend a 10-week drug rehabilitation program at the North Carolina Treatment Alternative to Street Crimes program (TASC). This is a

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