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Case Management Comparison Paper There are many differences between the correctional settings and community settings when dealing with case management. Clients in the community setting have a community wide support group if it is available or even wanted. There are a great deal of services available to the clients to help them find work, shelter, food and other services that might be necessary. There is a sort of structure that is within the community that can serve as a backbone to help the client through any rough times and with everyday living if it is needed. The structure of the community is made up of a variety of people. Here the client is able to be free to do what it is they have to do and work better towards keeping themselves on the right path. Case management is available to help the client as well. The case manager will keep an eye on the client’s progress and check in with the different services the client is using to keep track of the client’s status and progress. In the corrections setting there is a different kind of structure. The structure of the corrections is designed so that they inmates are doing the same thing at the same time every day. A case manager is assigned to clients to help them focus on why it is that they are in the situation they are in. these case managers work differently than the ones for the community. These case managers are in place to help make treatment plans for the inmates, work with the corrections staff and even the family members of the client to come up with the best approach to dealing with the clients issues. There are also a lot of services in the corrections that may help a client achieve completion of their program. There is work release, trustee work, counseling, education and other benefits that may help the client better them and get them ready to be reestablished with society. Within the community, a

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