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Interviewee: Coach Pierre for NYC Sabres 1. How long have you been an active member and supporter for the NYC Sabres? I have been a member/coach/supporter of the NYC Sabres since the beginning in 1998. Are there any different dynamics between coaching a boys team vs. supporting a girls team? As a coach I don’t treat female players different from male players. They’re all basketball players to me. So in my eyes, there is no difference. 2. Do you enjoy coaching or being a supporter for the team more? I enjoy coaching more because I feel as if I am actually making a difference in their lives. I don’t just coach basketball, I also teach/show my players how to be better teammates and better people that will one day contribute to society. 3. What do you think the difference is between male vs. female sports: as a whole, as a racial class (i.e. Chinese, black, Hispanic, stc.) and as seen in the Chinatown-based community? From what I’ve seen, male sports focus more on what an individual could do physically while female sports focus more on being technically sound and skills. Growing up, Asian parents didn’t really support their kids when it came to sports. However, that has changed a lot through the past decade. Asian athletes tend to be quieter, more humble and technical.…show more content…
What is the main goal for this organization? The main goal for this organization is to provide female youth in Chinatown an opportunity to learn the game and become better people. How do you think this is benefiting Chinatown children? It has given my players more confident when they step on the court because they know that they can play with anyone. This has benefited the children because that confidence has translated into their personality as well as their social skills. Are there any other funding resources in Chinatown that enables children
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